Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'am a Princess!

Johnny usually shares funny stories about his adventures with Ati during the week while I'am at work. I thought this one was worth sharing. Obviously, Ati is around all things relating to running a limo business since this is what Johnny does at home during the week. You can practically call her his executive assistant. She even knows the names of all the limos in the fleet. She calls each the hummer truck, Xcursion, and black limo. She also knows exactly where they are stored and where to get them washed. It's a regular part of their weekly routine. NEways, this week they had to prepare the cars by taking them to get washed. Johnny pratically has a membership at the car wash and claims that the staff there is teaching him to speak Spanish since I'am obviously not doing a great job at it.
Keep in mind that Ati rides in the way back of the limo in her little toddler car seat, while Johnny is up in the front driving her around like she's little Miss. Daisy. Johnny says he always gets looks from people when he gets her out from the back. If I didn't know any better, I would probably look too. It probably is funny to watch.
So on this particular day as he was taking her out of the limo. A guy who was also a car wash customer said, "Wow! Are you a movie star?" She responded very royally, "Nope, I'am a princess."

Thursday, May 28, 2009


We found Ati being extremely quiet the other day. We naturally thought she was up to no good so when we checked up on her this is how we found her! She informed us she was doing her homework! The girl is starting early, what can I say? The teacher in me says, "Way to go!!" The mommy in me says, " she's only 3, stay little forever, don't think about homework just yet!"

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oh no he didn't.....

News Flash. My husband is wacky crazy! The things he says or does sometimes make me just wonder about him sometimes. Nonetheless, he is the one that keeps us laughing every day and can honestly say I never get bored with him around. Ati is a chip off the ole' block. She takes after him. hmmm....I wonder what they think about me?? I just heard of a recent answer Ati gave a family member about my whereabouts the other day. She supposedly answered by saying, "oh, she's at home, reading a book." Hunh? What's that all about? So he's the funny one, and I......the book worm? Whatever.

So for Mother's Day, my sweet husband gave me a Benjamin to go shopping for summer clothes. We have several travel plans this summer and he knew I needed to stack up on some summer attire. I hardly ever visit the mall anymore due to....... well temptation. Fortunatly, you know how I deal with temptation hence facebook getting the boot. Well, after going this past week, the good Lord knows full well why I do the things I must do to avoid temptation because...... I went over my Mother's Day budget. Seriously, you would have too if you would have found out what I did at the mall. It turns out......I am a size bigger. I don't even like that word. Is there another "nicer" word than......bigger? Well, I found out I was. I learned that during the fall and winter my body naturally graduated to the next size in bottoms. This rocked my world. After finding this out it was only reasonable to conclude that ALL my bottoms sitting in my closet just would not do anymore. You just can't cheat the fact that you don't wear that size anymore. It's that plain and simple folks.

Now if I could have just convince my wonderful husband to the fact that once you graduate to the next size everything else in the closet becomes obsolete. There's just no getting around it, I'am afraid. I had to do what I had to do.

In order to convice him further and justify my purchases I insisted to give him a fashion show with my new threads. As I'am walking across the living room floor feeling "bigger" (for lack of a better word) he has the audacity to say, "Well, you at least look up to date now." OH, NO HE DIDN'T! Not only am I bigger? But, now I have been dressing like an old lady?!" Oh, no he didn't just go there?! Yes, he did, let me tell you.

Frankly now, I feel totally fine and justifed about my over budget trip to the mall. The guilt is gone and well honestly I'am glad that at least I'am "up to date" and not just "bigger". I'am officially bigger, better, and even more beautiful according to my dear hubby!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bu Bye Facebook

I'am back! I know it's been a while since I posted anything on here. I've missed my blog so much! A couple of months ago I gave in to peer pressure and signed up with Facebook. Unfortunatly, my blog has suffered the consequences along with my free time and e-mail inbox. I had the best of intentions not to get "addicted" if that's what you call it. Well, I should have known better and trusted myself more. Let me explain.

Time to me is a precious commodity. One that sometimes I feel I don't have enough of. Doesn't everyone? Well yes. But I have found myself having to make sacrifices to make the best of mine. After a long day of work I look foward to spending time with the family and try to make sure I squeeze some in for the Man upstairs with quiet time. But I realized that since joining facebook I was sacrificing or giving up the wrong things. Those that I care the most about. So I think now is the time for me to sacrifice the right thing. So yes my friends. Facebook has gotta go. It's outta here! But don't fret! My blog which is way more personal and less tempting of my time is here to stay!

I kinda knew it was time for me to say goodbye when Johnny taught Ati to sing "I'am waitiiiiing, for you to play with meeeee, and so I'am waitiiiiiiiing...." as in the theme song from Fireproof. Yes, I could easily just train myself to stop being on the computer at home but it's just much easier to just completely get rid of the temptation. As in out of sight, out of mind.

For all my dear FB friends and groups, it wasn't you. It was me. Trust me, this hurts me more that it does you. I'am a traditional gal. I'd rather go with the good ole' fashion phone call, e-mail, or face to face visit. I'd go for Facetime any day over facebook. ;) So give me a call! Drop me an e-mail or drop a card or letter in the mail! Now talk about going back in time!

Here's to a Cyber 'Friend' trying to go back to the good ole' days of hanging outside in the front yard making new friends, calling friends on the phone, dropping an occasional e-mail and still having time for the things that matter most.