Monday, February 20, 2012

Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's Father/Daughter Dance

Ati and Johnny have an annual tradition of attending our city's Valentine Father/Daughter Dance. Ati looks forward to it every year and it's so special to see daddy and daughter creating these memories together. Last year they decided to ride in "style" with their friends to the dance and that just adds more excitement to the whole evening! The girls just love to be pampered by their daddy's! Here are some pics from the previous years and pics from the dance this year which they are attending tonight! What about me you ask? Well, Maciah and I had a dinner date at Chick fil A then came on home in time for his bed time and my date with a quiet house and a blanket on the couch with my laptop! Pure bliss I tell you.....




Monday, February 6, 2012

The Power of a Note

When was the last time you recieved a hand written note for no special reason? Maybe a sweet handwritten note surprise in the mailbox or in your lunch...(hint to Johnny)? I think in the mix of social media we have lost the art of handwritten notes. I personally enjoy recieving notes, they make me feel special and loved. In the wake of this thought I have been convicted to do the same for the loved ones in my life. I know periodically the Holy Spirit will bring someone in my thoughts during the day and I lift them up in prayer. Just the other day on my way to work a friend of ours came to mind and I knew they were going through a tough time with a health issue. As I drove I remember saying to the Lord..."I don't know why this person came to mind, but you do God and I just want to lift them up to you at this time and pray that you be with them at this moment." Sure enough when I got home I read on their blog that that morning had been a rough one and that they appreciate the prayers and to keep them coming. I was moved to tears. I just never tire at the work of the Holy Spirit. It is so captivating! I have yet to let my friend know but remember thinking I wanted to write a note to let them know I had been praying for them in that moment and continue to do so.

NEway, back to notes! In the wake of making those around me feel loved and special I will be keeping stationary and envelopes with my bible to use after quiet time and prayer. Often times I think of someone during bible reading or prayer and hope to be able to bless, encourage, and love others during that time. Because isn't that the second most important comandment of all?

Matthew 22:39 And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.'

Here's to recieving and giving encouraging handwritten notes!! Here's a few I have recieved at work that I have taped up to serve as great reminders to keep going, and doing even though my mind and body get tired of hanging out with my 6 and 7 year old friends!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

You know your on a budget when...

1. You Google where kids can eat for free. This is our list so far!

Denny's on Tue and Sat. 4-10pm

Texas Roadhouse on Tue.

Luby's on Wed. and Sat.

IHOP every day from 4-10pm

Berry Hill on Tue. and Sat. all day

Wings & More on Wed. nights

2. You get all giddy when your brand new labeled budget cloth envelopes come in the mail! No more falling apart paper envelopes! Yay! I heart them.

In October 2010, the hubby and I attended and completed FPU with our church and it changed the way we do and think about our finances around our house. One of the big changes was getting on a cash based budget to be better disciplined when we are out. We learned there was a emotional feeling when using cash versus using that beloved plastic debit or credit card. I must say it is a little harder to turn over that cash across the counter. We do categories that we use for do day to day life in cash envelopes. And we each have our own allotted cash we get each pay check to blow on whatever we personally want. In using the cash based system we have learned how to say No lots of times. Even when it pained us to do so. In learning how to be better resourceful with our cash I have also become a fan of experienced items and clothes! Yes, I admit I have grown to love Goodwill and Resale Shops! Our envelopes love them too!

This journey has not been easy but well worth it many times over. We are VERY close to paying off all of our debt (except the house). I wish I could tell you how close but my hubby doesn't want to jinx it. LOL. He says as long as we don't have any ER visits or 'unexpected surprises' we should be right on track. It's been especially helpful to be surrounded by people like our small group where we also completed FPU together last year to share in the struggles and victories. It has been such an encouragement to lean on them for prayer and words of encouragement as we near the end of paying off our debt and feel the heat from the enemy to keep us from that goal.

We hope to have a party/celebration when it's all said and done! We have a dear sweet couple whom have been accountability and have been great cheerleaders for us in this area and they promised us they would host the shindig on our behalf! : ) They are way down the line financially that we are and as Dave Ramsey would say it they are Winners with money. They have been the ones on the other side of the mountain encouraging us from the other side saying " Come on you can do it! It's great once you get over this mountain! It's such a wonderful feeling! Your almost there!" Thanks DD and KD for your encouragement and especially DD for just flat out telling us "No you don't need want it. Just hold off until the time is right. Do you know how close you are? Do you know how much sooner you can ______if you just stick to the plan?" We love and appreciate you guys!

I hope to be able to post soon when the deed is done! In closing you know when you are in a budget constantly have to remind each other with these quotes to make each other feel better or during those low times...

"If we just live like no one else now, LATER we CAN live like no one else!"

and our other favorite....

"Delayed gratification is a sign of maturity." I have to personally tell myself that ALL the time. Although it's helped cutting back on visiting those tempting retail stores!