Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Don't call the Helicopter!

Last week in small group we planned for an intimate time of worship. Johnny and I set up candles around our living room and closed all our window blinds in order to make it a little dimmer in the house. We wanted everything to run smoothly. In order for our time of solitude and silence to work we needed to come up with an idea for our kiddos. We normally have anywhere from 4 to 6 kids over during group and provide a sitter to play and keep them busy while we meet in the other room. Well on this night we decided to set up shop for them outside in the backyard since it gets dark later in the evening. We set up Ati's bounce house, a picnic table with colors and coloring books, toys, balls you name it so they wouldn't get bored. We made sure the kids went to the bathroom before we started and even told the sitter not to come in the house as we wanted the ambiance very quiet and reverent.

Everything was in place and in order. It was great! Until....

We had been about 12 mins. in complete silence. We had every adult spread out all over the house with a quiet space to have quiet time in prayer and in The Word before we joined for some music. I can only speak for myself but I was totally focused once I got settled and started praying and reading. I had picked a quiet space in my bedroom right next to the window that faces our backyard. Those blinds were also closed of course so I couldn't see what was going on in the back. I remember sometime during my reading I heard a flying helicopter off in the distance,that was no big deal. Flying helicopters are normal occurances of course. As time passes the helicopter chopper sounds get closer and closer and eventually sounds like it's literally gonna land right on top of our house. It's so loud at this point that no matter how hard I try to stay focused I can't help but feel like I'am at a war somewhere needing to find cover.At this point I get curious and look through my blinds. This is the scene.

In the open field right over our fence a Life Flight Helicopter was only a couple of feet from touching ground. All the toys are flying all over the place, the bounce house is too weak to stay afloat amidst the chopper's wings. Our children are running across the backyard looking for cover and protection.And so they run with all their might to their saving grace, their babysitter. All the kids are huddled around this 17 year old whose long hair is uncontrollable with the hurricane force winds.I remember seeing Atianna's face was filled with horror like her whole little world was just about to come tumbeling down.I don't think I had ever seen her run so fast and look so scared like she did then. At this point some of the adults go outside to check things out and make sure everything was okay. I'am sure the kids were filled with questions, including Ati.

Well, a week has passed by and I must say the experience left quite an impression on her 3yr. old little self. She learned the reason that the helicopter landed right over our fence was because someone had gotten really hurt and needed to get to the hospital very quickly. Now I must confess that Ati is prone to bumps,bruises,scratches because even though she is a very girly girl she enjoys being active and actually is pretty good at holding her own with the boys. She keeps up pretty well,and has the bruises and scars to prove it. So her little mishaps are a normal part of our days; they come and go without even a whimper. BUT, ever since the helicopter incident her little bumps,falls,even my inquiries about the origins of her mosquito bites,rashes, anything under the sun is followed by a worried look and a sincere plead to not call the helicopter to come get her. It was funny at first ya'll but now I'am wondering if she's gonna need some counseling.