Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Hear You, Loud and Clear!

Throughout my spiritual journey I have always admired those that always spoke of God as if he were a part of their everyday lives. Almost always their conversations included bits about how God told them this and that. Like if he were right next to them at all times and available to talk to at all times. Every decision they made was made with prayer and guidance from the Lord.

Maybe within the last year or so, this is something I have been striving for and working towards. I came to realize how easy it was for me to reach out to him in times of despair or times when my options were exhausted. Why was I only reaching out to him to scream for help! I finally came to a point in my relationship where I was going to be intentional about asking him for guidance or help in making decisions in my everyday life, whether they were decisions that just affected me or the family.

Time after time I have just been in awe of how God has actually responded to my request for guidance or just a sign as to what I should do in a certain situation. Now, I'am not talking about what he thinks I should have for dinner or what outfit I should wear that day. These are decisions that carry a bit more weight. Some have been related to career changes, Johnny's business decisions, financial decisions, so on and so forth. I can honestly say that we heard God's answer EVERY time! It is so true that whatever you ask in his name, you shall receive! I can also say that every decision was the right one. We never regretted any one of them and knew that God wanted us to go in that particular direction.

Well, for the last couple of weeks I have been at a crossroads about something that was going to require God's input. This decision was going to affect me personally and my time with my family. I wanted to be sure that whatever I chose to do was going to be for his glory and with his guidance. Sometimes my time frame is not God's and I have learned to be patient with his response. Sometimes it took weeks, or even months. Well after weeks of prayer and anxiously awaiting for a sign or something to my prayer, It was finally answered tonight!! I think God lives on Hawaiian Time. No hurries, no worries!

I must point out that out of all the times that God has given me input into my decision making it has always been done in different ways. Whether it is a strong impression on my heart that lasts and is leading me to a certain direction, I know that it's my God who is speaking to my heart via the Holy Spirit. If the impression escapes me or it is too loud around me with busyness (still working on this one) for me to hear his whisper he makes himself heard through others that he sends to cross my path.

This was such a moment. My prayer for his guidance was answered tonight! It wasn't some glorious Ah Ha moment where the lights turned off and a beam of light shined on this person. It was just something that I heard someone say related to my dilemma that turned a light on in me. This person had no idea that I had been in prayer regarding the exact same thing they were talking about. I felt the tug in my heart from him that said "My daughter, this message is for you!" Wow!! I stand in awe of his mysterious ways! With confidence I can finally move foward and go in the direction that I feel he has led me to! I'am not doing it by myself but know that he is leading me and holding my hand. Doesn't it feel great to know that and feel confident that your decisions will be blessed and fruitful because you sought him and asked him to join you and live life with him by your side.

Can I get a witness!!!! Ooooooh Yeah!!!