Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving Thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving! I can't believe the holidays are upon us. My how time flies! We have tons to be thankful for and I just love that we have a special day in which we can ponder on all our blessings to be thankful for. God is Good!

As I sit here on this Thanksgiving night, typing on my couch, I am enjoying the quiet of the house with our Christmas tree lit and all of our Christmas decorations illuminating a warm glow. Just one of the reasons I love the Christmas season. All I am missing is the fire in the chimney and a hot mug of cocoa. Not cold enough yet for that!

NEways, I must admit this is the first year that we put up the Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving. We put them up the day before Thanksgiving, a first for us! We usually put them up after Thanksgiving. For some reason Johnny was excited to put them up so he took the initiative and made the trip up to the attic to retrieve the boxes.

As him and Ati were setting up the Christmas tree I was in our bedroom making our bed. The following conversation ensued as I listened from our room.

Johnny: Ati, why do we celebrate Christmas?
Ati: For Santa Claus!
Johnny: ummmm....good answer but that's not it. Let me give you a hint. C-H-R-I-S-T-mas.
Ati: Oh! For the Christmas Tree!!
Johnny: Nooooo. Ok, who do we bake a cake for every Christmas and sing Happy Birthday to?
Ati: uhhhhh...Santa Claus?
Johnny: No.
Ati: What letter does it start with?
Johnny: J
Ati: Jaime!
Johnny: Nooooo. Jesus!!

My and here we thought we were doing a good job of teaching her the real reason for the season! We're going to have to be sure to sprinkle these lessons a little more now that she is older and can understand. Just a little later that day, she helped me set up our little nativity. It's made out of glass so I had to take some time to explain that she was not allowed to touch any of the figurines. This was our conversation.

Me: Ati, I really need for you NOT to touch baby Jesus or his family or animals.
Ati: Mom, he's in his car seat so he's gonna be okay.
Me: Babe, that's not a car seat its a basket with hay in it.
Ati: Why is he in a basket?
Me: He was born in a barn and that's why there's animals here too.
Ati: So he didn't have a car seat?
Me: Nope. He didn't even have a crib to lay in.
Ati: Who are those three guys?
Me: Those are the wise men who brought presents to Jesus when he was born. It was such a special day!
Ati: Well, they should have brought him a car seat. Look baby Jesus is already missing an arm!
Me: Yeah, that was Baby Atianna that got a hold of baby Jesus a couple of years ago and was not careful with him.
Ati: Well, he DID die mom.
Me: Yes, but he was a grown up when he died,not a baby. Either way, PLEASE don't touch any of these. We don't need baby Jesus missing any more limbs.
Ati: (Let's the information soak in)

I'am sure we'll have plenty of these conversations this season as we will be more intentional with our little spunky Atianna. In the mean time Happy Thanksgiving!

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