Monday, August 30, 2010

Mediterranean Gecko

There is never a dull moment in the Garcia household. We've had friends tell us they wished they could be a fly on the wall in our house b/c we are never short of funny moments. This recent episode is one such case. Within in the last several weeks I have had the worst encounter with baby lizards IN OUR HOUSE! I didn't understand why I was the only one finding these reptiles in the house. I must state that I am terribly fearful or just flat out scared that I will jump on anything and scream when I come face to face with lizards, water roaches, big spiders,etc. Emphasis on Big. Little spiders or roaches are okay but when they are oversized I lose all cool. I am sure I scare these little creatures away with my loud screaming and running around. This is not good when my dear husband comes to the rescue and can't find them anymore and I stand there like a dummy on top of the washer in the laundry room.

As I was the only one finding these babies, I got to thinking if there are baby lizards in the house, then there must be a momma or poppa lizard somewhere around here giving birth or no wait reptiles lay eggs! Ewwww!!! Short of me packing my bags to stay at a hotel or my parents house I started praying that those parent lizards would be found and hoping that it wouldn't be me to find them.

Well folks, my prayer was answered!! Poor Atianna. We quickly found out that she is like her momma when it comes to creepy crawlers. She was coming out of her bedroom into the living room when we heard her scream sheer terror. We couldn't even ask what was wrong b/c she quickly got out of dodge. She ran into the nearest room which was Maciah's in which he was sound asleep and slammed the door shut. I wasn't gonna stick around b/c I knew that she saw something and had a feeling that a lizard was involved. So I ran to my bedroom and hopped on the bed on all fours. Johnny was left by himself totally clueless. Ati wouldn't open the door and I wasn't gonna leave my spot on top of the bed. Ati decided to communicate to us through the baby monitor b/c she refused to open the door. As I am on guard on top of my bed I yell across the house to Ati through a shut door asking her what she saw. She responds via the baby monitor in which the recievers are hooked up in the kitchen and our bedroom not on low volume might I add. Everytime she speaks into the baby monitor her voice is heard like an intercom throughout the whole house. Johnny finally gets a broom and a flashlight and gets to work. I offer to shine the flashlight under the couches from my bedroom of course on top of the bed still. So here is the scene. Ati is in Maciah's room with him asleep yelling into the baby monitor "Did you catch it yet?!?!?" Her yelling is magnified as if she were using a bullhorn in our ears. I'am hanging off my bed upside down trying to shine the flashlight into the living room underneath the couches.Johnny did point out that the creature could climb up the bed if it wanted to so there was no use on seeking shelter on it. Once Johnny got a good look at it he yelled b/c Ati's voice was so loud "I don't know what you guys are so scared about! It's just a Geiko!"

Well, at that point I almost fell off the bed head first from laughter. I might be scared of creepy crawlers but I at least know that Geiko is an Insurance Company with a lizard as a mascot. Or is it a gecko? After this momma or poppa was captured and gotten "rid" of we then got into a great conversation between the differences of lizards,geckos,crocodiles and yes geiko.

Come to find out our little visitors are called Mediterranean Geckos. At least they have a fancy name! I also learned they they prey on insects like spiders and roaches! This fact made me think twice about getting "rid" of our little friends. I should have shown a little hospitality, after all they are fighting the war against spiders and roaches. Johnny thinks I'am a little crazy for googleing geckos but I had to get to the bottom of our little visitors. And learn more about them. In the end if you can't fight them well.....join them. In the fight against other creepy crawlers. From the front or backyard.....obviously.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Like Father Like Daughter

Without the princess high heels and pretty bow of course, but just like daddy nonetheless! Hoping Maciah turns out to be a momma's boy!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Maciah's Birth

We are so excited to finally be home from the hospital! We are adjusting to having a newborn in the house especially a male one! Diaper changing a boy has proven to be much more challenging that a girl ever was. Johnny has been in charge of diaper duty and he's already been showered upon by little Maciah. Speaking of peeing all over the place. As soon as they took him out of my tummy he also showered down the doctor! I couldn't help but ask if any of that pee fell on my wide open tummy on the surgery table. Doc said it would have been okay either way b/c the baby's urine made up the amniotic fluid. So it was already in there anyways. Interesting what you learn while in surgery. I tried to get Johnny to take pictures of the surgery but he refused. He wouldn't turn the camera on until the baby actually came out. Would have loved to see what my insides look like. I know it's sounds yucky but I think it interesting!

Another interesting story from the day of Maciah's birth. All through this pregnancy we had planned on delivering the baby via VBAC. Which stands for Vaginal Birth after Cesarean. Since Atianna was breached she had to be delivered via C-Sect. And this time around I really wanted to experience a "natural" birth. We knew the risks involved but thought the benefits heavily outweighed the small chances of those risks. Although this was MY plan my prayer ultimately was for God's will to be done. Because I know that HIS plan is always far better than mine will ever be. So as we moved further into the pregnancy specifically the 41 week mark my doc noticed on the ultrasounds that the amniotic fluid around the baby was a little low. The morning of our delivery the doctor deemed it too low in fact that a C-Sect that evening had to be done.

My little heart was so set on delivering this baby naturally that right before being rolled into the operating room I thought I felt contractions. I almost wanted to stop the whole thing and say "WAIT! Before you cut me open I really think if we wait a little bit longer these contractions can get stronger and I can do this thing!" But I didn't. I had to trust in God's plan and be content with His provision.

As it turns out, after the baby was out and the doc and her assistant were putting everything back in my tummy and preparing to close me up she said to me, "You know Jaime, I'am glad I didn't let you go any longer and go into labor after all. After looking at your uterline scar from your previous C-sect. The lining around the scar was really thin." As I was trying to process this I asked, " So does that mean that I had a larger risk of my uterus rupturing during labor?" Both her and her assistant nodded a big Yes in unison. My reply to this was "Praise God! He DOES know best!" I think they both thought me crazy at that point. They probably thought it was the epidural or something. But I couldn't help but praise Him during his precious revelation to me while laying on that surgery table even if my insides were all out in the open along with the beautiful sound of a crying baby in the background as a reminder that our God is Awesome and is Good.....All the TIME!

Enjoy our Pics from that Beautiful Day!

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's a Boy!!

We are proud to announce the arrival of our new little bundle of Joy!

Maciah Jude Garcia

8-10-10 6:45pm

Weight- 7pds. 6 ounces

Height- 19.5 inches

Thanks to everyone for your prayers and well wishes!! For pictures click HERE!