Monday, November 19, 2012

Catch up and Instafaves

This past Tuesday I went back to work and I must say the transition has not been as bad as I thought it would be. On the home front I know my super dad husband has got everything covered. He's actually pretty good at managing kids, house chores, and a business on top of that!  I truly admire him for being able to handle all of that. I always say he's better at it than I am. I remember when I stayed home with our first child he would come home from work and I hadn't even started dinner yet! The house had not been picked up and I was completely exhausted. Now that we have three I must confess I don't like when left by myself with all three. At first I thought it was because I come from a small family and am not used to being outnumbered. Where as Johnny comes from a family of 4 boys and having a loud house is totally normal. I am currently taking a leadership class at our church where I have been learning a lot about myself and I finally figured it out! My personality type enjoys peace, order, and stability. And when I am not in that kind of environment I easily feel flustered and out of control of the situation. I know that's weird to think about considering that I am a teacher and am outnumbered every day of the week in my classroom. BUT, when their not your own kids their usually at a somewhat decent behavior and I have routines and a system for every little issue that can come. But for some reason your own kids know you so well, know what cards you hold, and know what buttons to push to send you over your limit sometimes. I think the key too is that at school the kids are almost ALWAYS busy. Where as at home they get bored of playing with each other or with their toys and thus will get into some sticky situations just because they have nothing else better to do. Anyone have any ideas how to keep a 7 yr. old and a 2 yr. old busy aside from watching a movie? hmmm......

On the school front I have been super blessed with a great group of kids! They have been looking forward to having me join them this year. My long term sub had my coming back to school day noted on the classroom calendar and the kids had a countdown going. They were super excited for the big day and it's been fun so far interacting with these little first graders! Not a day goes by that something is said or they do something that cracks me up. I love to share the funny stories! Here's one...

1st Grader- I just want to let you know I won't be at school tomorrow b/c  Iam going to the airport tomorrow to pick up my cousin. I have to go to welcome her to Texas.

Teacher- Oh ok. That sounds like fun. I am sure your cousin would love to see you at the airport. Will miss you tomorrow.

The next morning.......

Same 1st grader- As you can see I decided to come to school after all. I told my mom I could not miss today because I am scheduled to go to the computer station during center time. And I was not about to miss computer time over going to the airport. I told my mom she can go without me and I'll just see my cousin later. She'll do fine without me.

So funny! I am glad to see these kids love computer time so much!

Here are some favorite instagrams of what we've been up to! 

Go Texans!!!

Going to the Texans Game with some friends IN STYLE!

Secret to get a 2yr. to smile.....Tickle time during the pose!

Let's play "Can you copy my face?"

Oh yah!! You go girl!

Happy Halloween from Trouble 1, Trouble 2, & Trouble 3!

Trick or Treat!

Our small group hosted a gender reveal party for my sweet friend Trina! It's a boy!!! Boy # guys are on a roll!


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